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A not for profit, public corporation devoted to charitable, educational and literary purposes.
The Jargon Society and its numerous publications represent the singular editorial vision of their publisher Jonathan Williams. Visionary coach, and at times, crank, he has, for three decades, been a major explorer of the fringe (and beyond) of two cultures: British and American. His diversity of tastes is legendary. What other press would devote equal effort to White Trash Cooking and the collected poems of Lorine Neidecker at the same time?
This diversity of taste spills over into the Jargon Society. Jargon's friends, patrons, and authors are diverse and unique. But what bands them together is the collective belief in the visionary spirit of Jonathan Williams, and in his dedication to the care and preservation of the singular, the personal, the local, the individual.
The Jargon Society, of course, publishes. It also sponsors programs in literature and the arts. Occasionally it provides support for a poet or photographer who is deserving but unrecognized.
In all that it does, the Jargon Society is dedicated to finding, bringing together, and focusing upon overlooked and underrated aspects of American and British culture.

We recommend Jeffery Beam's A Snowflake Orchard: a good thoughtful meditation on Jargon as a force of nature and a force of spirit in this of all possible worlds.
Jargon seeks the support of 25 to 50 National Patrons @ $1,000 a year. Mr Thorns Craven, our distinguished and underfunded treasurer, would love to receive such checks -- or checks of any amount for that matter at our office:

The Jargon Society
PO Box 15458
Winston-Salem, NC 27113

Contributions, as ever, are tax deductable within legal limits.
We invite you to join us in this endeavor by buying books, telling others about our work, or making a tax deductible contribution. Most titles in print are available from Small Press Distribution. Out of print and rare titles are likely to be available from The Captains Bookshelf, 31 Page Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 (


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